Size Genetics s Size Genetics eyebrows are picky and smiled. Of course, I have to take the exam. If I don t take the exam, I will recruit them. If I m a fool, I ve learned a few years and I don t know what to do. Li Ruyi sneered, You are really funny. Li Yinghua said Sister, we also went through the exams of Master Zhang when I entered the school. Zhang Xiu Cai s school recruiters are Size Genetics required Size Genetics to take exams, not to mention the local Qingsong Academy. Li Ruyi asked with great interest How is the test No one here knows more about the enrollment of Qingson.g College than Zhang Jinhai. He sighed under Size Genetics the watchful eyes of everyone We have the test room on the last day of the spring, summer and autumn in our college. The children who are enrolled can enter the examination room to take the test. The content includes poetry, couplet, and writing strategies. The passer becomes a formal student, and the top two children who have fallen to the list can also become double students. The Lijiasi Size Genetics brothers have now begun to learn poetry and couplets, but the theory has not been touched yet. Li Ruyi said with emotion It s

eems that it is not easy to enter the Qingsong Academy. Zhang Yinfang once again affirmed, That is. My brother is admitted, he has not paid double the tuition. In the town, Zhang Jinhai male ed enhancement pills can not Size Genetics only study at Qingsong College, but Zhang family is a pig, and the readers look down on it. Zhang Yinfang can t show off in front of neighbors in the town. When I arrived at Li Village, Zhang Yinfang saw all natural male enhancement aid the appearance of Li s brother and sister and knew that no Size Genetics one in the entire village had studied dick inhancer at Qingso.ng College. Zhang Yinfang had a sense of superiority and could not help but show off a few Size Genetics times in front of Li s brother and sister. Li Yinghua said Zhang brother can really have the ability. Zhang Jinhai is very modest. Where is Master Zhang male enhancement review 2016 s teaching, I have only taken the Qingsong Academy. Li Ruyi asked Do you know how Size Genetics much money is spent on the tuition fees of Beishan College and Beihua College for Size Genetics one year Zhang Jinhai applied nutrition male enhancement heard the Size Genetics names of the two academies, and looked forward to it. He whispered I heard from my classmates that the tuition fee of Beishan Academy is thirty two a

Size Genetics

year, and Beihua Academy seems to be twenty eight silver. Li Jiasi s four teenagers face each other. Good Size Genetics guys, if they are studying at Beishan College, they will get 120 yuan in one year s optical expenses. So much money can buy a better house in the bustling area Size Genetics of the county. Li Ruyi no longer asked, and Zhang Jinhai said The famous teacher is a high ranking teacher. The teachers of the Qingsong Academy are mostly people. When you study there, the test is a matter of s.tability. Zhang Jinhai quickly said Where. My homework in our college is not the best, and the Size Genetics Size Genetics exam is not sure. Zhang Yinfang was in a hurry Size Genetics and said to his brother Li My brother s homework is very good. He is such a low key. Size Genetics Zhang Tongjiang, who hadn t talked for a long time, suddenly asked a serious question Lie brother, which college do you want to test, is the Qingsong Academy Li Yinfang looked at the Li family four brothers with incredible eyes. Li Jianan quickly said We just entered the school, did not read a few books, afraid that it is not admitted to the Qingsong Academy. Li Fukang sighed, The colleg

e amped the ultimate male enhancement s tuition is too expensive. Li Yinghua looked at Zhang Jinhai, and his tone was full of envy. If our brothers have your knowledge, it would be fine. Li Minhan stunned penis enlargement kits Li Ruyi and saw her quietly. I don t know if she heard that it was so difficult and expensive, and she wanted to send her brother to Beishan and Beihua College. Size Genetics Li Shanqiang left Zhang and his son for vasoplexx male enhancement lunch, and Zhao gave Zhang butcher back to the bean sprouts, dried bean curd, ki.mchi, and mixed sugar moon cake. Zhang Size Genetics Butcher was afraid of being an old man and didn t dare to ask for a gift. In the end, Li Ruyi opened his mouth. Zhang Jiafang walked on the way home, Size Genetics Zhang Yinfang could not help but boast Hey, the little doctor is better than the best male enhancement at vitamin shoppe bodybuilder little girl in the town, it is still very stable, I heard that she is still literate. Zhang Butu saw Zhang Yinfang s face and Size Genetics Li Ruyi s appearance and hate night. He smiled and said Size Genetics The little god doctor is not a normal girl. Li Jia s brother is sure to be admitted to the academy. Zhang Tongjiang was afraid of his own ignite male enhancement commercial Size Genetics small words and said This is what the teacher told us.