Penis Pumps The jottings.are threaded together by the reiterated declaration that national life will never become illustrious without a national literature. It is Penis Pumps precisely here, says he, that America is fatally deficient. Pg Penis Pumps 237 Except upon the field of politics, what single thing of moral value has she originated And what possible value has all her material development unless it be accompanied by a corresponding development of soul There is something like an inconsistency of attitude in this book for here, on the one hand, we have Whitman assuming the r le Penis Pumps of the moralist, denouncing, menacing, upbraiding, and generally allowing himself to employ the moralist s Penis Pumps exaggerated, because partial, manner of speech. On the other Penis Pumps hand, we find, interspersed among these passages of condemnation, others which assert his unwavering faith in the issue, his constant sense Penis Pumps of the heroic character of the people. Penis Pumps Whitman never professed consistency, but his inconsistency is generally explicable enough. In this case he is

of course denouncing the America of his day, only because he is regar.ding her from the popular point of view as something perfect and complete. He alpha male enhancement side effects has faith in America when he views Penis Pumps her as a promise of what she shall be but even then Penis Pumps only because he sees far into Penis Pumps her essential character. The shallow, popular optimism is, he knows, wholly false for if America is to triumph, as he believes she will, it can only be by the profound moral fda male enhancement pills forces which are silently at work beneath the trivial shows of her prosperity. The last enemy of the Republic was Penis Pumps Penis Pumps not slain when the slave party of secession, with its feudal spirit, was overcome. The victory of Penis Pumps the North black mamba male enhancement pills free shipping has for the present secured American unity, and with it the broad types both of Northern and of Southern character essential to the creation of a generous and profound national spirit. But America has set forth upon the most tremendous task ever conceived by man a task indeed Penis Pumps beyond cree male enhancement the scope of any man s best supplements for mood and energy thought. Urged on by the inner destiny for

Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps ces of the race, she is attempting to realise the race ideal of a true democracy. To accomplish her errand she must be nerved a.nd Penis Pumps vitalised by the highest Penis Pumps and deepest of ideals for hers is a world battle with all the relentless foes of progress. Whitman, Penis Pumps seeing clearly the dark aspect of the future, Pg 238 the wars and revolutions yet in store, and having counted the cost of them, though he had faith that America would Penis Pumps eventually achieve her purpose, yet might well be foremost in scourging her light moods of optimism with bitter words. And though he had not despaired of America and even if he had, would have been the last man to suggest despair to others Penis Pumps though, also, he knew and loved the real soul of the nation he was not so blind to possibilities of disaster, possibilities which he had faced more than once in recent years, as to suppose that she was of necessity chosen to be the elder sister of the Republics of the coming centuries. 503 On the contrary, while he had no doubt of the growth an

d progress of humanity, he knew that a branch of the Penis Pumps race might wither away Penis Pumps prematurely and he saw in the current culture and social beliefs of the city populations Penis Pumps a wholly false and m.ischievous conception of American destiny. If the male enhancement surgery utah people of America were to perceive nothing but a field for money making wherever the Stars pictures of male enhancement and Stripes might float, then their patriotism would be worthless, pinus extender and the Republic must fall. He loved America too passionately to be cynically indifferent as to her fate. In spite of unworthy qualities, she yet might realise Penis Pumps the world growing penis s hope. But seeking ardently for a way, there was only one that Whitman could see it was the way of religion. The old priestcraft was effete, but religion had not died Penis Pumps with it. 504 Penis Pumps In a new fellowship of prophet testboost elite poets, who should awaken the Soul of the Nation in the hearts of their hearers, as did the prophet poets of Israel, in these and in these alone he had assurance Penis Pumps for already he seemed to behold them afar off assurance of the future of