Penis Enlargment Pills ith sure and mystic sight the perfection that underlies all imperfection, for he sees the Whole of things. Past and future are present to him and with Penis Enlargment Pills them is the eternal soul. The greatest poet does not moralise or make applications of morals he knows the soul. His readers become loving, generous, democratic, proud, sociable, healthy, by beholding in his poems Penis Enlargment Pills the beauty of these qualities. Pg 96 Seer as he is, the poet, continues Whitman, is no dreamer. He sees an.d Penis Enlargment Pills creates actual forms To speak in literature with the perfect rectitude and insouciance of animals, and the unimpeachableness of the sentiment of trees Penis Enlargment Pills in the woods and grass by the roadside is the flawless triumph of art. If you have looked on him who has achieved it, you have looked on one of the masters of the artists of all nations and times. You shall not contemplate the flight of the grey gull over the bay, or the mettlesome action of the blood horse, or the tall leaning of sunflowers on their stalk, Penis Enlargment Pills or the appearance of the sun journeying through heaven, or the appearance of the moon afterward, with any more satisfaction t

han you shall contemplate him. The great poet has less a marked style, and is more the channel of thoughts and things without Penis Enlargment Pills increase or diminution, and is the free channel of himself. He swears to his art, I will not be meddlesome, I will not have in my writing Penis Enlargment Pills any elegance or effect, or originality, to hang in penis size increase medicine the way between me and the rest like curtains I will have purposes as Penis Enlargment Pills health or heat or snow has, and be a.s Penis Enlargment Pills regardless of observation You shall stand by my side and look in the mirror with me. 169 His words never huge penis expansion pose before the reader for ornament, they are living things. And for this very reason, he follows no models his thought is living and original it collagen male enhancement best testosterone booster for male enhancement must find a new form for its Penis Enlargment Pills perfect expression, as a new seed would find new growth and leafage. The poet appeals to every reader as to an equal, because in every reader he appeals to the Supreme Soul. Many may not hear him, but he appeals to all, and not to a Penis Enlargment Pills coterie. Whitman then proceeds to the praise of science. Knowledge, bringing back supplement for erection the mind from the supernatural to the actual, brings faith with it and the soul is the div

Penis Enlargment Pills

inest thing that science discovers in the universe. He turns to philosophy, and bids her Penis Enlargment Pills deal Penis Enlargment Pills candidly with whatsoever is real, recognise the eternal Pg 97 Penis Enlargment Pills tendency of all things toward happiness, and cease to describe God as contending against some other principle. The poet deals with truth and with the actual. All else is but a sham and impotent. Penis Enlargment Pills For everywhere and always., the soul which is the one permanent reality, loves truth and responds to it. The poet is by nature prudent, as Penis Enlargment Pills one who knows the real purpose of the soul and of the universe, and would act in accordance with that knowledge. He accepts the impulses of the soul as the only final arguments and only the deeds which it dictates appear to him to be profitable. Living in his age, and becoming its embodiment, he is therewithal a citizen of eternity. The future shall be his proof will his song remain at her heart Will it awaken, century after century, the divine unrest, and as it were, create new souls forever As for the priests and their work, they are done. The American poets shall fill their place, and the whole world shall an

swer to their message. Their words shall be in the English tongue the overseas male enhancement cream language of all who aspire but they shall be the very words Penis Enlargment Pills of the people of America they shall be native to the soil, and redolent of the air of the Republic. Such poets shall be America s own, and in them she will welcome her most illustrious Penis Enlargment Pills visitors. They Penis Enlargment Pills are h.er equals for the soul of a man is as supreme as walmart and best male enhancement supplement the soul of Penis Enlargment Pills a nation. And America shall absorb how to use honey as a male enhancement them as affectionately as they have absorbed her. Such is the gist of Whitman s manifesto. Nature Penis Enlargment Pills male enhancement herbs reviews the Soul and Freedom Simplicity and Originality bluze male sexual enhancement pills of Expression these, its dominant notes, recall at once Rousseau, Wordsworth and Shelley, with many another while certain passages remind Penis Enlargment Pills the reader that The Germ was but recently published across the sea, Penis Enlargment Pills the manifesto of another movement associated with the names of the Rossetti family and with the Pre Ra