Extenze Results ration while Gilder was talking, and so he overlooked possible texts furnished by Gilder. But as I had asked Matthews to put me last on the list of speakers, I had all the advantages possible to the occasion. For I came without a text, and these boys furnished plenty of texts for me, because my mind was not absorbed in trying to remember my preparations they didn t exist. Extenze Results I spoiled, in a degree, Brander s speech, because his speech had been prepared with direct refe.rence to introducing me, the guest of the occasion and he had to turn that all around and get out of it, which he did very gracefully, explaining that his speech was a little lopsided and wrong end first because I had asked to be placed last in the list of speakers. I had a plenty Extenze Results good enough time, because Gilder had furnished Extenze Results me a text Brander had furnished me a text Millet had furnished me a text. These Extenze Results texts were fresh, hot from the bat, Extenze Results and they produced the same eager disposition to take hold of them and talk that they would have produced in ordinary

conversation around a table in a red rocket pills side effects beer mill.Now then, I know how banquet speeches should be projected, because I have been thinking over this matter. x monster male enhancement reviews This is my plan. Where it is merely a social banquet for a good time such as Extenze Results the one which I am to attend in Washington on the 27th, where the company will consist of the membership of the Gridiron Club newspaper correspondents Extenze Results exclusively, I think , with as guests the President and Vice President of the United States and two others certainly that is an.occasion where a person will be privileged to talk about Extenze Results any subject except politics and theology, and even if he is asked to talk to a toast he needn t pay any attention to the toast, but talk about anything. Now then, the idea is this to take the newspaper of that day, or the newspaper of Extenze Results that evening, and glance over does bathmate increase length benefits of penis pump the headings in the telegraphic Extenze Results page a perfect bonanza of texts, Extenze Results you vitamin and male enhancement industry 2016 see I think a person could pull that day s newspaper out of his pocket and talk that company to death before he would run out of materi

Extenze Results

al. If it were to day, you have the Morris incident. And that reminds me how unexciting the Morris incident will be two or three years from now maybe six months from now and yet what an irritating thing it is to day, and has been for the past few days. It Extenze Results brings home to one this large fact that the events of life are mainly small events they only seem large when we are close to them. By and by they settle down and we see that one doesn Extenze Results t show above another. They are all about one general low altitude, and inconsequential. If you should.set down every day, by shorthand, as we are doing now, the happenings of the previous day, with the intention of making out of the massed result an autobiography, it would take from one to Extenze Results two hours and from that to four hours to set down the autobiographical matter of that one day, and the result would be a consumption of from five to forty thousand words. It would be a volume. Now one must Extenze Results not imagine that because it has taken all Extenze Results day Tuesday to write up the autobiographical matter o

f Monday, there will be nothing to write on Wednesday. No, there will be just as much to write on Wednesday as Monday had furnished for Tuesday. mr x male enhancement pills And that is because life does not consist mainly or even largely of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that is forever blowing through one s head. Could you set them down stenographically No. Could you set down any considerable fraction of them is ok to mix male enhancement pills stenographically No. Fifteen Extenze Results stenographers hard Extenze Results at work couldn t keep up. Therefore a full autobiography has Extenze Results never been written, and it never will be. It where to buy male enhancement supplements w.ould consist of 365 double size volumes per Extenze Results year and so penis expander if I had been doing my whole autobiographical duty ever since my youth, all the library buildings on Extenze Results the earth how to use extenze male enhancement liquid could Extenze Results not contain the result.I wonder what the Morris incident will look like in history fifty years from now. Consider these circumstances that here at our own doors Extenze Results the mighty insurance upheaval has not settled down Extenze Results to a level yet. Even yesterday, and day before, the discredited millio